Palazzo de Noha Lecce, Puglia, Italy

Palazzo De Noha living area Palazzo De Noha terrace Palazzo De Noha bedroomA small big dream kept in the drawer of beautiful things. Paola and Giorgio, wanted a house in the intense light of the historic center of Lecce, a place, able to contain affections and conviviality, that would give quiet to the years to come.

So it was that Palazzo De Noha peeped into their lives. Set as a precious and discreet gem among the streets near the Duomo, the ancient mansion soon showed its welcoming nature that the new owners decided to indulge in making a Lifestyle Design Hotel, evading the traditional and formal canons of hospitality.

Pursuing a precious balance between the value of the architectural elements of the period and the contemporary reinterpretation of the rooms, the renovation signed by the architects Francesca Fiore and Lorenzo Spagnolo , has preserved its soul and essence while the constant search for beauty, the elements of high design, modern works and installations, express its umpteenth and current soul: the art of hospitality.

These walls steeped in history are today a place where you can stay surrounded by comfort and attention, but also where you can immerse yourself in the very identity of the city and make your trip an experience to remember, come home, closing your eyes and evoking the atmosphere.

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