Ortenia Apartments, Podcetrtek, Slovenia.

Apartments in Nature

Six Stars of Nature
Experience the comfort of Ortenia eco-apartments in the heart of Slovenian thermal area.

Even the name itself is enough to make you daydream of the endless sea, the whispering waves and the blue sky. The beautiful azure colour will remind you that you’re on vacation – it’s time to live the dream that you’ve been looking forward to since planning your break.

Why Ortenia?

The name derives from the Garden of Eden, composed of multi-coloured hortensias that have always adorned the hillside below Podčetrtek castle. The garden was, of course, maintained and improved with the idyllic image of eco-apartments.


Relax your mind and body and enjoy the comfort of Ortenia.

NEW in our offer: outdoor jacuzzi, for summer refreshment or romantic moments for two.

Infrared or Finnish sauna, refreshing massage or rest on cushions.

Sites to explore

The surrounding area offers not just unspoilt nature, but also extensive opportunities for sports, recreation, exploring the cultural and historical heritage of Kozjansko, a wide range of enjoyment at the wellness centres. You can also enjoy culinary delights and drinking Donat water.

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