Hotel Novanta Bibbiena, Tuscany, Italy

Novanta is an experience hotel nestled high up in the Casentino Hills of Tuscany, in the abandoned village of Borgo di Gello. With breathtaking views over the valley below this remarkable place gives guests the opportunity to experience a true and traditional taste of Tuscan life without sacrificing on luxury. Immersed in nature, and swept up in local culture, food, and family – Novanta is a unique experience not to be missed

The most important thing in an Italian home is its Kitchen, and this is exactly the same for us at Novanta! All of the food on our table is sourced from local farmers, businesses, neighbours and friends. Everyday we prepare fresh, delicious meals filling our village with the smells of hundreds of years of tradition! From our original wood fired ovens to our overflowing vegetable garden you won’t go far without your tastebuds being tingled!

We see food as a connector to the people and to nature. By connecting with local producers we can offer our guests high quality food, coming straight from the land. Our food plan is available for only €273,- guest/week. This includes a full breakfast, lunch and a 4-course dinner every day – so you don’t need to think about anything during your stay! Alcoholic drinks, soda and juice are excluded. Children under 4 eat for free. Children from age 4 – 12 €105 per week. Of course if you feel like exploring the area and dining in one of the local restaurants one day – no worries! We will simply reimburse you.

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